Grupo Bimbo Launches New Sustainability Strategy with Ambitious Goals

May 18

Grupo Bimbo, the world’s largest baking company, announced today the launch of its new sustainability strategy. As bakers, Grupo Bimbo’s purpose is to Nourish a Better World through a food system that benefits everyone. For Grupo Bimbo, sustainability is about the planet, but also about the society and the people who live on it. Its plan is to bring better nutrition to millions with simple and diverse recipes, fight against the degradation of nature and help communities thrive.

This new strategy considers a higher level of ambition for the company. Developed based on a materiality assessment, it is defined through 3 pillars with 8 initiatives.

Baked for You is focused on enabling planetary diets with nutritional diversity. The Baked for You goals for 2030 are:

  1. 100% of baked products and snacks with simple and natural recipes with nutrition in every bite and ensuring accessible options available at every point of sale.
  2. 100% of baked products and snacks can be part of a healthy plant-based diet by including a wide array of whole grains and other healthy plant-based ingredients in its recipes.
  3. 100% of products offer nutritional and sustainable transparency in their packaging and online. Healthy diets are actively promoted through clear educational campaigns.

Baked for Nature intends to protect and regenerate our natural systems. Within this pillar lie some our most ambitious environmental goals to date. By 2050, Grupo Bimbo is committed to:

  1. Become a net zero-carbon emissions company, following Science Based Targets initiative’s framework.
  2. 100% of key ingredients will be obtained through crop cultivation using regenerative agriculture practices.
  3. By 2030, ensure that 100% of its packaging supports a circular economy. Also, achieve a reduction of 20% on water consumption and 50% less food waste in its operations.


Baked for Life is about improving the lives of everyone we reach. This means empowering the communities that surround us. The Baked for Life goals for 2030 are:

  1. Strengthen the implementation of Good Neighbor projects in each work center. Promote a volunteering culture fostering among associates the motivation to become an agent of change.
  2. Strengthen dedicated programs to the value chain, especially those focused on small farmers and customers.


Baked for Life also means caring for Grupo Bimbo’s associates. This includes guaranteeing the company offers a safe workplace where everyone feels included, where everyone has access to the same opportunities, and can be themselves.

Grupo Bimbo has made great strides on its sustainability journey so far. Nourishing a Better World will take the company’s sustainability impact to the next level.

Daniel Servitje, Grupo Bimbo’s Chairman and CEO, commented: “With this new strategy, we are contributing in a determined way to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Grupo Bimbo is a company which has worked on social and environmental initiatives for decades now. Now, we expand the frontiers of how business can be done and explore how the interaction with our stakeholders can be improved to nourish the wellness of people and the planet. We are bakers, and this gives us access to our consumers’ homes. We are committed to impact positively the lives of everyone we reach and the nature. We know this won’t be a simple journey, but we have a plan to get there.”

Rafael Pamias, Grupo Bimbo’s Executive VP and Chief Sustainability Officer said: “We have substantially evolved our previous sustainability platform. In the past, we aimed to mitigate the impact of our operations; now we’ve raised our level of ambition to become sustainable by design. This is how we begin our journey to become a completely regenerative company with clear and solid commitments. We are doing this aligning Grupo Bimbo’s business goals to our purpose of nourishing a better world, a recipe for good.”